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7 Effective Tips To Move Your Heavy Furniture Without Any Damage

Move Your Heavy Furniture Without Any Damage


Moving heavy furniture from one place to another is quite a hectic task. Several things can go awry when you are making a move. Your sofas stuck in the staircase, fresh paint gets peeled, and your new flooring gets scratched. If you want to save yourself from all these worries, you need to get the help of professional movers. 

Though you have found the best movers in town by typing the phrase professional movers near me in Scottsdale AZ, it would not be a wise decision to leave everything on them. 

You are supposed to take some precautionary measures on your own that would protect your precious furniture and home both from getting damaged. Follow these essential tips if you want to move with all your furniture in one piece. 

Take Your Furniture Apart:

Even if you are moving from one home to another in the same street, make sure that you first take everything apart. If you will try to move your furniture like a bed and dressing table in one piece, you would damage it badly. If you are unable to open these articles on your own, you should ask your movers if they are providing the furniture disassembling services.

 Most of the moving companies do not provide this service, so you need to ask them in advance. When they are disassembling your bed, in the meanwhile you can take out all the cushions, drawers and lighten their workload. 

Use Lots Of Padding:

When you are packing your furniture, you are supposed to use lots of padding. It will help you to move your furniture without it getting dents. The more stuff you have to move, use more padding for the purpose so that there is no friction among the different furniture items.

 You need to do the padding in advance before the movers arrive so that in a rush you don’t have to dump everything into the boxes. To keep your furniture pads, stick firmly with the furniture, you can use tape. If buying pads is not within your budget, you can use blanks or sheets for the purpose. 

Soften The Surface:

To decrease the friction between the floor and furniture, you can use materials like blankets and towels. These will act as cushioning materials and the friction will be reduced greatly. This is especially helpful if you have hardwood flooring at home. When you use cushioning, you can slide the furniture on it smoothly and the sheen of your hardwood will also retain. 

Protect Corners Of Mirrors And Paintings:

If you are an art lover, you must have lots of paintings and mirrors to move. Treat those mirror pieces, paintings, and picture frames with ultimate care. 

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You can either buy a picture packing kit or protectors to save your corners. Once all the corners are secured, place these paintings in the packing boxes and fill all the space in the box with a newspaper, so that there is no collision on the way. 

Store Small Parts Of The Furniture Together:

When you are disassembling furniture, you will notice there are several small parts. Make sure you pack these small parts and store them together in one box so that no part gets displaced. 

Use The Push Method Instead Of Pulling:

When there is heavy furniture to move, make sure that you use the push method for moving furniture. Your furniture movers in Scottsdale AZ will also inform you that pushing is a lot easier than pulling because it puts less stress on your body.

 To prevent scratching on the floor, you can add a carpet on the floor. For pushing, you can also buy gliders or other pushing tools that make it easy for you to move heavy furniture. 

Keep An Eye On The Weather:

You must have a good eye on the weather forecast when you are planning a move. Bad weather especially the rains can destroy the whole look of your precious furniture. 

When your furniture wets from the outside, it instantly loses its value. To limit the exposure of your furniture to external elements, keep an eye on the weather, and plan a move only when the weather is consistently favorable for it. 


By following these simple tips, you can protect your valuable furniture and new home flooring from getting damaged.  

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