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5 Of The Coolest Skin Fade Haircuts For Men

Haircuts For Men

Everyone wants to look good, whether it is to create an impression among co-workers at a workplace or to grab the attention of someone attractive. Therefore, dressing well for both women and men has created an ecosystem of seamless fashion brands.

However, dressing well is not the only thing that makes you look attractive. There are several other things, such as wearing the right footwear, smell good, and the most crucial task – grooming. That is the area where most men fail to make an impression. Good fashion sense and sharp grooming go hand in hand. For instance, you can have the best dressing sense with messy hair, and the hairstyle instantly ruins the entire look. 

The key to an attractive and stylish look is to understand the basics of grooming, such as the type of hairstyle that suits your face shape, and whether or not to grow facial hair, etc. Skin fade haircuts are one of the haircuts that are in trend for some years now. Initially started by men with short hair, skin fade haircuts have now made their way into long and medium length hairstyles. Let’s look at the five coolest skin fade haircuts for men.

1. Undercut Fade Haircut:

The first skin fade hairstyle mentioned in the list is probably the most trendy one in recent times. Every guy has either tried or considered getting an undercut fade haircut because of the number of styling options it offers. With a skin fade along the sides and back, you and your barber can get creative with the top hair to keep it lengthy, short, or medium. Most people confuse this popular hairstyle with a pompadour fade haircut. 

The best part about this haircut is that it can either be a formal or casual one, depending upon your choice and needs. For instance, you can keep the top hair long enough to flaunt a cool casual look accompanied with stubble or even a beard. On the other hand, medium or short length, top hair with a light stubble or clean shaved look makes a perfect dapper look for work hours.

2. Mid Skin Fade Haircut:

Here’s another skin fade haircut that goes well with all types of fashion, casual and formal. The skin fade begins halfway on the sides and back. It is also one of the skin fade haircuts that has been doing rounds around the top trendy fade haircuts list. What makes the mid fade haircut exceptional is the fact that it suits almost all face shapes, adding a modern and soft touch to the style. 

There is no standard rulebook to play by when it comes to skin fade haircuts. So get creative with the top hair to achieve any desired look. Mid fade haircut looks best with medium and short hair. However, neatly combed long hair also complements the haircut. 


3. Skin Fade with Combed-back Hair:

Consider this haircut to be the mid version of taper and skin fade haircut. The soft low skin fade with neatly combed medium, and long hair makes a great office appearance. It is one of the dapper hairstyles that you can rock with suits and ties during work hours and with casualwear for cocktails with buddies. So if you are looking for a trendy haircut that serves both casual and formal purposes, then go for it. 

The look of this haircut depends solely on how you style it. Apply pomade or wax and comb the hair to get a fine texture and achieve the classic greasy look. Similarly, dry hair with less hair wax looks best for casual occasions. 

4- Low Skin Fade Haircut:

Low skin fade haircut is another classic style that goes well with short hair. The low-skin fade is the perfect entry-level haircut to get as the skin fade is minimal yet adds a classic touch to the overall style. The skin fade begins just above the ears on the sides and follows along just above the back’s neck. As the skin fade is minimal, it goes well with formal style. 

It’s best to keep the top hair short and clean to maintain a sharp look while flaunting a low skin fade haircut. The haircut is suitable for almost all face shapes. However, if you have an oval, diamond, or rectangle-shaped face, think no more before getting a clean low skin fade haircut. 


5. Slick Back with a Skin Fade:

People who love vintage fashion and lifestyle might have heard of the slick back haircut with a skin fade. It is the perfect greasy haircut of the ’50s and ’60s and is one of the clean and crisp haircuts of all the ones mentioned above in the list. The skin fade is usually low or mid fade when it comes to a slick back haircut. The length of the top hair should perfectly blend with the sides and the back along, with a gradual fade. Maintaining a slick back haircut is challenging if you have wavy or curly hair. So if you have silky smooth long hair, then give it a try. 

Final Thoughts:

The best part about the skin fade haircuts is you can get creative with style by either maintaining a long pompadour, short quaff, or even a buzzer cut accompanied with the appropriate fade length. Remember low and mid fade suits long hair, while low and high fade goes well with short hair.

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