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Modern Health & Lifestyle: Challenges and Remedies for You to Know

Instead of saying the modern era, it’s better to call the present the smart world. Whether it’s your phone or any gadget you use at home – everything is either automated or smartly controlled by hand-held devices. You can roam around the world with just a tap of your fingers.

The smart world has brought a lot of convenience to humans. There’s a drastic change observed in the last two decades due to the invention of the internet and Wi-Fi technologies. But along with the convenience, technology has brought a lot of health and lifestyle issues as well.

Earlier, people used to do most of the work manually, irrespective of the industry. And there used to be a lot of physical activity enough for a person to stay active and healthy. However, due to the ease of work in modern ways – a person’s physical activity is greatly reduced, leading to a multitude of health concerns. 

Today, we will let you know those health concerns and the possible remedies for them:

Effect on Neck and Spine:

We spend most of the day sitting. Whether you’re behind the wheel, computer screen, or doing any sitting job – our sitting posture shows a great effect on the neck and spine. Continuous sitting will lead to dull pain in the neck initially and it gradually grows to acute pain, if ignored completely. Same way, your spine posture changes, and your whole body bends permanently.


  • Always make sure that the screen (mobile or computer) is at your eye level.
  • Choose a good chair and sit with a straight posture
  • Do neck exercises frequently. You can do them while sitting in the same spot. 

Relying On Fast Foods:

Modern-day jobs demand most of your time. Irrespective of the profession you are in, there are always deadlines and targets you need to meet. And this results in very less personal time, which means not enough time for proper cooking. 

It will lead to relying on fast and junk food which can satisfy only your appetite but not any nutritional or vitamin level in your body. And the consequence is falling victim to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. 

Moreover, the availability of fast food and junk food chains is increasing all over the world creating easy access for the people. Even drinks like fruit juices, smoothies, carbonated drinks are loaded with high sugars and people are seen succumbing to their taste. 


  • Find time in your busy schedule to prepare quick home-cooked meals
  • Include nuts, grains, sprouts in your diet to keep your tummy full
  • Carry lunch boxes and snacks without fail instead of relying on outside food.
  • Not getting tempted to eat food outside all the time
  • Replacing unhealthy drinks with healthy choices like green tea (learn here the reasons to choose organic tea).

Lack of Physical Activity and Sleep:

In the 24 hours we have, we spend the most sitting. Though you’re mentally active while doing work, the same can’t be said to your physical state. As our human body is meant to stay in motion all the time, excessive sitting could cause still muscles and less sweat excretion. It will retain water in your body causing swelling and pain in the legs and ankles. 

Moreover, due to shift timings in jobs, some people may have to work late or the whole night, which means your body is deprived of sleep. It not only disrupts your sleep cycle but your mental health is also affected. Even your immunity system gets weak as night time is the time when your body produces disease-fighting particles. 


  • Make a habit to take frequent breaks while working. You can use the time for brisk walking.
  • Do stretching exercises while sitting using your hands and legs to keep the blood flow.
  • Try to get maximum and continuous sleep whenever you’re not working at night times.

Unhealthy addictions:

Consuming anything in more quantities is bad for your body. Habits like smoking, drinking, excessive caffeine consumption, anxiety eating, etc. are not good for your health. It decreases your longevity or you’ll have to deal with chronic diseases like depression, insomnia, etc.

You can even add technology addiction to the list as people of every age group are spending more and more time on mobile and computer screens. It particularly harms kids as it develops poor eyesight, obesity, and mental instability in them. 


  • Try not to give into the temptations surrounding you
  • Make yoga, exercise, breathing exercises as part of your routine to have control over you
  • Don’t stay alone and mingle with your loved ones often to have a strong support system

Adapt to A Healthy Lifestyle (No Matter How Hard)!!

In this smart world, following a healthy lifestyle can be a little hard. With all your travelling, juggling between personal and professional lives – taking care of your health can be side-tracked. But with little focus and a positive mind-set, you can adapt to a lifestyle that’s good both for your mind and body.

Author Bio:

Hi, I am Ariana Mortenson. I am a professional writer and blogger by profession. I write on various niches in a way that it’s understandable and appealing to the people. 

My twitter handle: @MortensonAriana

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