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The ups and downs of the entrepreneur of the year Alex Mendieta

Ups and Downs of Entrepreneur


Each business person has high points and low points, and so does Alex Mendieta. He is anything but an alien to difficult stretches coming at only 16 without anyone else to Australia with no cash, no English, and not knowing anybody. His battle and crazy measure of difficult work paid off. When he was interviewed by a magazine as placed in his own words, he would not change that a great time for anything it made him rock solid and keen to all that he has now. He states that these present days when he faces large issues either throughout everyday life or in business, everything he does is help himself remember those occasions, which causes him to acknowledge that he has no genuine issues. 

Destiny matters:

We are generally very much aware of those children that grow up with the silver spoon in their mouths or guardians that air pocket wraps their children being excessively defensive wind up getting simply lost with no craving or too hesitant to even consider taking any dangers. Alex Mendieta is one of them. 

The harder the battle, the better the triumph:

This is particularly consistent with everybody that has picked the business world. Nowadays, with web-based media, everybody has some unacceptable impression; all that is seen is the triumph yet never the battle. Sadly this gives some unacceptable plan to all the new business people that are simply beginning, thinking making it to the top is the allure, quick vehicles, private jets, and hot models. Yet, the fact of the matter is a long way from it. After following business visionaries for more than a long time from varying backgrounds, the number 1 exchange we have seen is the assurance to succeed. That assurance is the thing that keeps them going when circumstances become difficult, and trust us, and you will have a lot of harsh occasions on your excursion to progress. 

Earning money: Not just a matter of Fate

We are certain you would’ve heard the adage commonly getting rich. It’s simple; however, remaining rich isn’t. When Alex Mendieta was gotten some information about that in a meeting with Men’s Health, his answer was very contradictive to the standard. Alex cited that if getting rich was simple, everybody would be rich. At that point, he proceeds to clarify his perspective that everyone thinks getting rich is simple by any stretch of the imagination. By that, he prefers to emphasize the point that since he knows somebody that brought in some cash and lost it and never got back up again, they don’t arrange as rich. That was simply a fortunate mishap.

A genuine rich individual has an outlook and a bunch of aptitudes that the poor don’t have, and due to that, they can endure and flourish any high points and low points life tosses at us.


Alex tells how a few years back, he concluded that there was no point making this riches on the off chance that one was loathing life. Just the future will determine what other extraordinary and questionable news the showy Colombian will have available for us all.

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