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Five Ways to Improve your Website


Basically every business now needs its own website. Whether it’s increasing your brand visibility, bringing in new customers, or selling services or products, a well-designed website can be the difference between a middling business and a great one. 

Perhaps you already have a website, yet you are not receiving the hits or input that you have desired. Or you are looking to set one up from scratch. To help your website be the best that it can be, we have listed five ways you can quickly improve your offerings. Read on below. 

Search Engine Optimization:

With the vast amount of traffic to any website coming through Google, it’s essential that you optimize accordingly. While you may not have the money to install SEO tools and do a lot of keyword research, there are a bunch of small things that you can do to improve visibility, like writing SEO titles and meta description for every page on your site. Thankfully for you, a lot of website providers have in-built SEO tools that can give you a much-needed boost. 

Web Design:

In today’s Instagram-obsessed world, the aesthetic is everything. With the average time spent on a website totaling between 10-20 seconds, you only have a very short window to get people interested in what you have to offer. If you are looking to change the layout of your website, ALT Agency is a great company offering the best in web design.

Diverse Content:

To keep people interested in what you are selling, it’s really important to have a lot of new and exciting content to reel them in. The traditional way to do this is through blog posts, giving people a reason to constantly return to your website. Other brilliant data drivers are media projects such as  podcasts and videos — the former of which has exploded in recent years. The other important thing is to make sure you have a steady stream of content.


In the modern world, data is everything. It’s essential that you can track the numbers of people coming to your website, as well as their demographic make-up and the length of time that they spend visiting each page. With great analytical tools, you can see where they have come from too, knowing which social media tools to up the ante on and which don’t seem quite as important. Like with SEO tools, many website providers allow you to install analytical tools, making it easier than ever to analyze traffic on your site. 


Newsletters are one of the best data-gathering and webpage-view driving tools around. By getting people to submit their email address to your site, you will be able to send them regular emails, which drastically increases the chance of repeat visits as well as brand loyalty. The trick here, however, is not to send too many newsletters or ones containing frivolous information. This is an easy way to turn people off. The ideal frequency is one or two a week.

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