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How to Make a Custom Cardboard Box?

Cardboard Box


Cardboard boxes are becoming the main source to fulfill packaging needs in different industries. These boxes are becoming the main things to consider at the time of shipping or delivery of all types of items. Manufacturers are customizing or using this material in different shapes, sizes, and dimensions according to needs and specifications. The main reason for using these containers is the high-end protection and resistance against environmental conditions to the products.

Not only for shipping purposes, but people are also using it for the packaging of gifts and placement of important things. So, the usage and advantages of these containers are multiple such as storage, protection, packaging, and safe delivery of items. Moreover, cardboard material is environment-friendly and offers more durability for the long-lasting protection of items. Apart from this, it also can handle pressure and keep the items in the exact structure.

Before manufacturing a box, you should focus on the design, shape, and size requirements to create a box according to the product. Therefore, consider or specify all the requirements before designing or creating a box. So, let’s start the processing of a customized cardboard box:

1. Choose Material:

For creating cardboard shipping boxes, choose the material according to the required protection level for the item. For sensitive or fragile items, it’s better to choose corrugated material. This type of material is harder than cardboard and offers long-lasting protection to the items. For inexpensive products or items, you can also use a simple type of cardboard material.

After considering the box’s material, cut the board into a specified size accordingly to the product. If you don’t have the product’s specifications, firstly measure the product’s dimension for the better end product.

2. Use Accessories For Decoration:

It’s better to accessorize or decorate the cardboard before joining all the edges and sides. For this, you can wrap a gift paper on all sides of the box for a better appearance. After wrapping the paper on all sides of the disjoint box, fix it with glue. If you are creating large cardboard boxes, decoration, or embellishment may cost more than your budget. However, you can also get an attractive overall look.

3. Draw Margin Lines Before Cutting Excessive Cardboard:

Use a ruler for line margins on the cut cardboard. While creating margins on edges, keep a margin of 5cm from all sides. The margin is necessary in the case of wrapping products in other protective materials. After that, divide the board with the help of margins into four equal segments.

4. Cut Each Side Before Joining:

While cutting each side of the cardboard, do it in horizontal or vertical alignments. In this way, you will have four sides, including the top and bottom sides. In the case of a corrugated board, you may need to do it with the help of a sharp blade instead of a scissor.

5. Join All Sides With Tape:

To form a box shape, join all the cut and decorated sides of the cardboard. To cover and seal the edges on each side, you can also glue instead of tapes. The glue will stick the edges of cardboard boxes efficiently than tape. After joining all the sides and edges of the cardboard. Join the tuck points to create an overlap or a lid. You can also use tape for reinforcing stickiness level on sides. Now, your box has ready.

If you are using this box for shipping or delivering inexpensive or light items, place the item inside it. But if you are using this box for heavier or expensive products, cover the flaps or side edges with tape for increased protection.

Instead of creating a tuck-end box, you can also create a separate lid for the customized box by following the same procedure. The boxes with lids will be a great option for placing or storing items with more protection.

With the help of these mentioned above steps, you can easily make customized cardboard boxes yourself. But in the case of expensive products and business needs, you can also consider professional manufacturers. They will create the boxes for your products accordingly to the specifications within the provided time. Moreover, the production level of professionally manufactured boxes will more than hand-made boxes. Therefore, it’s better to consider professional designers or manufacturers to get reliable boxes for business purposes.

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