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Tips to Select the Best Quality Meditation Mat

Meditation Mat


Meditation is a technique which is practiced for mindfulness so that we can train the mind to focus on a particular object, activity, thought. It is a great way to train our mind for self-awareness and to keep it stable and calm. Meditation also has a lot of health benefits; therefore, it is necessary to practice medication on a good quality mat for utmost comfort and relaxation. Having a best quality meditation mat is an essential tool for meditation practitioners. It provides comfort and stability while trying out postures.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Quality Meditation Mat:

Consider Your Meditation Posture:

Whatever posture you sit on the mat, it should be comfortable and sustainable. Three attributes for a good posture are:

  • Back or spine should be kept erect. This is essential because this helps the body to be alert and focused.
  • The person should be able to maintain stability while holding the posture. This helps to meditate without disturbance.
  • Comfort is super important while doing meditation. If the person is uncomfortable that is their legs are falling asleep and he/she is feeling uneasy then it is necessary to stop meditating and start again after some time.

The meditation mat should be able to provide a good posture.

Materials Used to Make the Meditation Mat:

The materials used to make the mat should be comfortable. The practitioner should feel motivated and comfortable while doing the meditation. There is a variety of mats made from different materials available in the market. The most common ones include rubber, PVC, cotton. Following are some of the features that a mat material should possess.

  • Affordable: The mat should be of reasonable cost. Usually, PVC mats are low in price, but eco-friendly mats are costly.
  • Stickiness: The mat should be sticky or anti-skid. It should not slip so that proper alignment can be maintained. The mat should be firm enough so that the practitioner can effortlessly concentrate.
  • Texture: The texture of the mat dictates how much traction or grip it provides. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a proper texture for your mat.
  • Eco-Friendliness: The mat should be eco-friendly that is it must be made of cotton or jute. This is a great way to recycle the mats when we dispose them off.
  • Style: The mat should be appealing in color and design so that it motivates the practitioner to meditate daily.

There are Different Types of Meditation Mats:

  • Natural Rubber Meditation Mat: This kind of mat is made of natural rubber, which is eco-friendly, easy to dispose and sustainable. Therefore, these kinds of mats are used widely nowadays.
  • Jute Mats: These kinds of mats are breathable and mostly preferred by the meditation practitioners. They are also efficient in healing the body as they are organic.
  • Sticky Mats: As the name suggests, they are sticky that is they stay attached to the ground firmly which helps to meditate in a more focused manner. 
  • Plastic Yoga Mats: These mats are made of plastic or polyester. They are made up of toxic materials and not extremely healthy to use because meditation requires comfort. Therefore, it is important that the fabric that is used should be environmentally friendly so that the person is able to connect to the nature. Although these kinds of mats are cheap, and they are easily available too, but they are good for someone who is a beginner.

These are some important points of criteria that one should follow before choosing a meditation mat. Mats are essential because one can practice good meditation only when it provides them peace and tranquility. So, mats are a great way to keep the legs away from a hard surface and the coldness of the ground does not get transferred through the mats.

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