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7 Ways to Prevent Workplace Accidents and Keep Your Employees Safe

Workplace Accidents


As a business owner, you surely have plenty of aspects of running a company on your mind. From taking care of your books and paying taxes to handling the marketing and making sure your audience is satisfied with your products and services, you are constantly juggling multiple things. However, something that you cannot afford to overlook is your employees’ safety.

Even if your employees are working remotely, you still need to take certain measures that will ensure your workforce’s health is never endangered. If you are looking for ways how you can prevent workplace accidents, keep on reading for some necessary steps.

Create safety guidelines:

Your company needs safety guidelines that will lay the foundations for a safe workplace. Having safety guidelines is the easiest way to make your workforce aware of the potential dangers and safety practices that are in place to prevent various accidents. These guidelines should be easy to read and visible to everyone so post them on company walls and boards. If there is a special area that requires extra equipment and attention, make sure you label it so that everyone knows how to behave.

Research potential vulnerabilities:

Every workplace is unique, which is why you need to do some research and find the potential weak spots that your company has. Working for an oil rig company does not come with the same dangers as working in a bank, for instance, so you need to pay attention to common accidents that happen in your work environment and look for ways to prevent them.

Equip the workplace properly:

Once you are aware of the vulnerabilities of your work environment, you can start working on fixing them. For instance, people that spend a lot of time sitting need ergonomic equipment that will help prevent pain in the neck, back, and limbs. So, even if your employees are telecommuting, you can consider providing them all with ergonomic chairs or ergonomic keyboards. On the other hand, employees that work outside at night need to be provided with enough light so that they can see what they are doing, which is why lightweight solar lighting towers are a must. Seeing as how each industry is different, the workplace requirements vary as well. That is why you need to see what your employees require in order to stay safe and healthy.

Conduct physical exams:

When you are hiring a new employee, you should do a physical exam to make sure they are able to do the job. Many accidents are caused by the workers’ inexperience or inability to physically do what they have to, which is why you need to screen them before you hire them to ensure their placement matches their capabilities.

Train your employees:

In order to prevent accidents, you need to properly train every single employee that starts working for your company. Invest in the training process that will ensure they are properly educated about what is expected of them as well as that they learn all the best practices in the workplace that will help minimize the risk of an injury. From teaching them how to use the different equipment they will be performing with on a daily basis to knowing how to reduce strain injuries with supplemental training in body mechanics and always wearing protective gear, there are many aspects of training that will keep your workforce safe.

Provide your workers with protective gear:

Speaking of protective gear, you have to provide your employees with personal protection equipment. PPE is essential for staying safe and you also need to teach your workforce how to use everything from gloves, goggles, and face protection to earmuffs, safety shoes, and hard hats. Of course, the type of PPE your employees need will depend on the kind of work your company does, which is why you need to do some research and find the best protective gear available. Plus, pay your workers a few visits to make sure everyone is following the rules. If you catch any of them without PPE, penalize them to encourage others to wear protective gear when they have to.

Have various procedures in place:

Finally, your company needs to introduce various procedures that will instruct employees how to act in case of an emergency. For instance, tell them who to report to if an accident occurs. If they are unable to reach a supervisor, instruct them on how to proceed. Furthermore, to ensure procedures are followed, you should hold emergency drills that will teach employees how to act and repeat them often enough so that everyone can learn their role if faced with an accident or emergency situation like a fire or an earthquake.

Keeping your employees safe is an ongoing process so make sure you are constantly reviewing and updating your policies, practices, and equipment. These seven tips are a great starting point when it comes to preventing workplace accidents.

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