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5 Reasons Why You Need To Equip Your House With The Latest In Bosch Home Security

Bosch Home Security


With the 21st century’s corporate revolution, most adults spend almost 24 hours at a workplace, away from their residence. Unable to keep an eye on your children and elderly grandparents is a problem most office workers face daily. Moreover, it can also increase the security threat.  Home safety services can provide comprehensive solutions to most of these problems. Here are five reasons you should employ the latest smart solutions from Bosch Home Security in your residence.

Are you scared of being robbed in your absence?

Home security system reduces the chances of a home invasion when you are away. Not only does Bosch Home Security trigger an alarm in case anyone breaks in, but it also contacts the local law enforcement authorities. 

You can also use the Eyes Outdoor Camera to check what is going on outside your house. Additionally, you can travel at peace, while the random light controls of your home make it seem as if the residence is still occupied all day.

Need to keep an eye on your pets or your children?

If you are concerned about keeping an eye on your children or your pets while you are away, your home security’s smart features can help you out. In addition to advanced motion detectors that can differentiate between a pet animal or a child, Bosch Home Security provides you with high-definition video surveillance that you can monitor from an app, right on your smartphone.

Thus, you can remain unconcerned about the security of your loved ones, even when you are miles away, possibly on a flight, halfway across the world. Additionally, your doors and windows have alarm contacts on them, which trigger warnings on your smartphone if they are opened in your absence.

In case of an emergency, the 360-degree camera systems activate immediately, giving you a panoramic view of your rooms. Alongside this, your voice can be relayed to any of your rooms via an integrated speaker and microphone setup. This is a handy feature that relieves you from worrying too much about the elderly residents of your house. You can monitor them remotely, and even control the electrical equipment around them as needed.

Are you worried about a fire breaking out?

Your home security system will notify you instantly if a fire breaks out in any part of your house. Bosch Home Security has high-tech fire and smoke sensors that can differentiate between the fire on your candles and one that can be dangerous. In addition to notifying, you so that you can react promptly, it also activates safety measures to contain the calamity. Escape measures ensure the safety of any resident if they are trapped inside.

Burst pipes can be noticed immediately, even if you are not at home:

Bosch Home Security provides you with sensitive water sensors that notify you immediately in case of water leakage and burst pipes. If a water leak of more than 1.5mm is detected, the sensors will trip audio-visual alarms, giving you a live video feed of the affected rooms so that you can react instantly.

Improves Electricity Management:

Bosch Home Security helps you significantly reduce and optimize your electricity bills. It gives you control of your electrical appliances, light fans, etc., from the comfort of your smart phones. Whenever someone in your house leaves the light on accidentally, you can switch it off from the controls on the app.

Home Security solutions allow you to maintain mental peace when travelling to your workplace or on holiday. They monitor every inch of your house, often taking corrective steps in case of emergencies, to keep your children and your pets safe and sound. Lastly, it lets you monitor your home anytime you want on your mobile screen. Revolutionary technologies make life easier and more comfortable. Use these smart solutions to revolutionize your lifestyle.

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