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Dust Collector Service: What Does It Include?


Someone who is running an industry or a commercial process for them ensuring a safe and hygienic work environment is paramount. There are several things that one can adopt to make the place safe for the people who work. One of the ways to ensure this is by adding a dust collector system. These ensure that the workplace is free from any fumes or harmful pollutants that can impact the workers’ health and productivity.

A good dust collector system maintains internal air quality. But merely installing a dust collector system is not enough. You would also need to opt for a dust collector service to ensure that the system runs infallibly and works at its maximum efficiency. In this blog, we are going to highlight the key aspects of dust collector service.

Key Aspects of Dust Collector Service:

#1. Check the Pressure Drop Across the Filter Media

This is an important step you should not miss. If you keep an eye on this regularly, you will be able to catch the changes before it escalates and becomes grave. If you notice that the pressure drop is way too much, it means there is some fault in the filter, and you need to change it.

Make sure that you also take the help of a professional dust collector servicing provider. They will have a closer look at the system and let you know if there is a need for replacement, and in case the need arises, they will replace the same.

#2. Dust Removal from Discharge System

The next aspect you need to look into is the dust discharge system. Although the dust collectors are designed for high-performance, you will notice dust deposition when used regularly, and its overabundance can damage the system. Hence, you must ensure that there is no such deposition in the dust collecting system. Make sure that you monitor the airlock, rotary gates, and hopper, and ensure that they are free from any dust deposition.

We would highly recommend hiring professional services for this task. They will have a closer look at the system and will do the cleaning. You can put the system at risk by trying to do it all by yourself, and you may also end up harming yourself. Also, the professionals have the right set of equipment that will help them complete this task with ease and precision.

#3. Total Fan Pressure

It is the pressure across the fan in the dust collection system. It ensures that all the dust is pulled along towards the dust collector first and then towards the filter. As the distance from the fan increases, the pulling pressure decreases. So, make sure that you clean the fan and take the help of a professional dust collector service provider for this task.

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the key aspects of dust collector servicing. There is a specialized service provider who deals with this, or else you also contact the dust collector manufacturer regarding the servicing of the system. Ensure that you don’t ignore the dust collector servicing, as it ensures the machine’s safety and effectiveness. A professional will do a thorough inspection of the dust collector system, and based on it, will recommend the necessary changes and replacement of the filter.

So, a dust collecting system is not installed and you are ignoring the dust collector servicing, it is high time that you must take into account the risk factors of continuing with a non-serviced dust collection system and hire a professional to do a detailed inspection of the same. With a safe and hygienic working environment you can expect higher productivity from your workforce.

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