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How to Stand Out in a Crowded Workplace


When the coronavirus pandemic is over, it is likely that companies will go back on a hiring spree as the economy bounces back. With economists predicting a V-shaped trajectory, it is likely that there will be plenty of jobs available. Nonetheless, not all jobs are created equal, and to find the job that suits with your ambition can be quite a difficult task. Thankfully, whether you have just finished high school, university, or are looking to change careers or retrain, this guide has been especially created to explore the different ways and means you can use to stand out in this crowded workplace and land your dream job. Read on now for some excellent tips that will have you land a job in absolutely no time at all. 

Go Back to School:

Sometimes the best option is to retrain to become a much smarter and dynamic business person. Studying can definitely be the way to achieve that aim. Research has shown that, on average, people who go back to university to study at master’s level often gain much higher salaries than their peers. This is despite the fact that, of course, a master’s course has some upfront costs, although online options, which are rising drastically in popularity due to the restriction on in-person learning due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, are rising massively in popularity. 

You should always be looking to work on your professional development no matter what field you are in, because this shows your potential employers that you are willing to learn and take on new responsibilities.

This is especially true for the business world, with more and more people looking to study for a master’s in business administration. Covering all aspects of leadership, entrepreneurship, analysis, scaling businesses, accounting, data analytics, transformation, consultancy, and more, an MBA allows graduates to have the kind of cross-cultural knowledge that can help them flourish within a dynamic professional business environment. If you are interested in studying a world-class online MBA, why don’t you check out the highly respected online universities that have award-winning courses on offer? Learn all about them via their website!

Learn from Experience:

University is just one of many experiences you should call upon to successfully convince an employer that you are the right person for the job. If you feel like you do not have enough experience, then there is no shame asking to shadow someone, take an internship, or even do a work placement to better understand the skills that are needed. Make sure to reach out to your network for help and advice when it comes to gathering these types of experiences. 

Social media sites for business people such as LinkedIn are very useful here as they can help you to create an online network that can be leveraged to great effect at a later date. These online connections can also be combined with time used at in-person trade fairs, which can give you first-hand experience meeting thought-leaders and other people within the industry you are interested in. You can list all of these encounters within your resume and just find a way to jazz them up, so employers understand how they helped progress your career. 

Once you understand your experiences, it is time to create the perfect resume and cover letter that can accurately describe what you learned from each job or volunteer position you had and how that could translate into even better business insights in the future. If you are not sure how to do this, it might make sense for you to avail yourself of a business counselor’s services. If you are at college, you might be able to find one that is provided by the college itself for free. 

Do Your Research:

Most people like to create a one-size-fits-all resume and cover letter then simply spray-gun potential employers with their experiences and skills. This tactic can work, but it is hardly as effective as identifying a company that will genuinely work for you and vice versa. Then when you have identified that company it makes sense to tailor your resume and cover specifically to what they have to offer. HR managers will notice this and be more likely to ask you in for an interview. Additionally, before the interview it is very important to make sure that you do as much research on the company as possible, so you know everything about them before you start. This will impress the HR during the interview and make them already visualize you as a core member of their company. 

One great way to signal your seriousness in a job interview is to create a folder filled with information that you have created for the job. It instantly signals to your potential employer how seriously you take the job and how much it would mean for you to participate. This might be a little tricker if you are being interviewed over video interview, but then make sure that your background is squeaky clean, you wear a clean shirt, and you have some choice books in the background to signal that you are a person of intellect and seriousness. 

Form Independent Thoughts:

Companies no longer want someone who is obedient and toes the line. They actively look for candidates who can bring their own personalities and ideas to the table and think of ways to transform a company. This will differ depending on the size of the company, as some may have very strict operational practices, but even the biggest firms will want someone who can create ideas on their own and want to implement them eventually. 

This point is particularly important when it comes to the start-up world, where business processes can be far more fluid, and hiring and firing can come at a faster rate. To survive, it is essential to adopt a forward-thinking and entrepreneurial mindset, to be able to say at any point something that could help transform a company’s prospects and keep it from going under. 

Develop a Strong Personality:

When it comes to the business world, there is no price that you can put on the power of charisma to make up whatever you lack in personality. If you find yourself a naturally shy and self-effacing person, this does not mean that you have to change your personality overnight. You can find a way to work with your strengths by focusing on your social skills and your ability to communicate what you are capable of in a fluid and confident way. 

This means that when you are in a business setting, for example, an interview, you can be relaxed in your own abilities, providing a strong impression on the hiring manager. The basics also apply, such as good grooming, clean, smart clothes, strong eye contact, a firm handshake, and the like, all of which signal that you are the kind of person to do business with. Another classic interview tactic is to subtly mirror the gestures and even words of the person interviewing you. That way, you build up a rapport which makes you feel more familiar with the hiring manager, thus making yourself more likable, increasing the chances of being hired in the end. 

Create Your Own Side Project:

Employers do not just want doers. They want creators, people who can visualize their own ideas and see them through to the end. If you have the time to do so, it will make sense for you to consider starting your own side project as a test case for the kinds of ideas that you want to implement later on in a company. This is why nearly half of Americans under 35 have a side hustle.

That said, it does not necessarily have to be strictly related to the company you are looking to join. It could be a modest idea. The key part of communicating once you finally get into a job interview is how you have ideas apart from more careerist ambition that showcases your own personality while also showing that you still have a hustle of your own. It is even better if you can support yourself somewhat from this hustle because then employers will not take you as desperate for money and willing to work anywhere and say anything to do it, but actually someone that would simply make a good addition to their team due to your innate personality, qualities, and business ideas. 


This guide was created to show you various ways you can stand out in a crowded workplace. If you want to get ahead, however, it makes sense to try and take nearly all of the advice on-board and try different things to see what works for you. After all, the top qualities that employers look out for are passion and drive; by applying yourself correctly and identifying what you want, and devising a plan for success, you are likely to land the job of your dreams in no time. 

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