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How To Get Access To Geo Restricted Sites?

Geo Restricted Sites?


Most of you want to watch your favorite content but are unable to watch it because it may be banned. Many people have tried their best to watch the content from the blocked site. Geo-restricted sites and other factors are affecting every people.  Everyone wants to get rid of the pop-up “The content is not available in your country”. Today we will be discussing the steps how to get access to geo-restricted sites

What Is Geo-Blocking And Why Every Site Isn’t Available To Acess?

Geo-Blocking is a process of providing limited access to a certain website based on the geographic location. The problem of Geo-blocking is so common in the industry of video streaming. The primary problem why every site isn’t available to access is censorship. Many countries are engaged in state-sponsored censorship. 

The two main reasons for geo-blocking are copyright issues and the censorship issue. Geo-blocking operates by tracking the IP address of the user. This IP address is sent to your internet service provider. And your ISP knows where you are, what device you use, and what are your online activities. 

Ways To Get Access To Geo Restricted Sites:

There are many several ways by the help of which you can get access to geo-restricted sites. Some of the ways are given below.

  • Use A VPN: VPN is one of the best ways to get access to Geo Restricted sites. There are many VPN available in the market with good features. One of the best VPN for unlocking Geo Restricted sites is NordVPN. You can save your money on it by using the NordVPN coupon code. Given below are the steps to get started with a VPN.
  • Choose your VPN and download it.
  • Install that VPN by following the instructions.
  • Create your account and login into the software.
  • Now Choose the country server that will help you to access the geo-restricted sites.
  • Connect to the server and start enjoying your content. 
  • Proxy Servers: A proxy server act as a wall between you and your website that you are trying to reach. Every device has a different proxy server that can help you in unblocking the content. Whenever your device is connected through a proxy, you are granted a different IP address. You can use that IP address for unblocking the geo-restricted sites. 
  • Tor Browser: Tor is the abbreviation of the onion router and it is another best way to bypass geo-restrictions. The working of this browser is similar to other browsers like chrome, safari, etc. It can help you in providing access to all the sites that are available in its network. Tor does not provide you security so a VPN does. Your ISP will be aware that you are using a Tor network.
  • Smart DNS And DNS Changers: A DNS stands for Domain Name Server which helps in avoiding confusion in learning the name of sites. A smart DNS help in changing the DNS server on your device. It will change a local DNS server to the DNS servers based in other countries.

Is Geo Blocking Illegal?

Well, my answer is NO, geo-blocking is not illegal. It is found illegal in cases where the government blocks access to sites. You can get access to the geo blocked sites by applying the different ways. In some countries having the access to such sites by different means is found to be illegal. He or she can be put behind the bars or will have to pay a fine as a punishable offense. Bypassing the geo-blocked content will be counted under the violation of services, terms of services but is not illegal.

Final Thoughts:

Geo-Blocking is a means of applying restrictions to your ability to access content internationally. There are many ways of getting access to such sites and all these methods have been found to work. One of the best and finest ways of accessing geo-blocked sites are using a VPN. You can easily bypass these geo-restricted sites. Using these ways is founded illegal in some countries, mostly in gulf countries. I hope you get a complete overview of how to get access to geo-restricted sites.

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