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3CX Business Phone System- Features and Benefits


When you decide to use a business phone system for your business, you should consider a phone system that will benefit your business in every manner. Choose a phone system that is easy to use, helps you in increasing business productivity, and make your communication easy and smooth. 

3CX business phone system is an ideal choice for your business. It makes your office communication smooth and hassle-free so that you can also focus on your business’s core business activity. 

What is the 3CX Phone System?

3CX phone systems is an open-platform VoIP software-based business phone system that is easy to install on your server and improves call control, offers unified communication, and calls conferencing. 

3CX phone system is known for call clarity, and you can use it with SIP trunks and IP phones both. 3Cx is way better than the traditional phone system and can positively impact your business enterprise.

Essential Features of 3CX Phone System:

Some great 3CX phone features are

  • Call logging
  • Call recording
  • Integration with Android and iOS apps
  • Call pop-ups
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Screen sharing
  • Instant messaging
  • Remote assistance
  • Web video conferencing
  • Voicemails forwarded to inbox.
  • Call queuing
  • Click-to-call

Benefits of Switching To 3CX Phone Systems:

The 3CX telephone system for Windows is a Cloud PBX based software that won awards that replaced traditional telephone systems. This system is based on SIP standards and supports the most popular IP phones, VoIP gateways, VoIP, and PSTN telephone lines. Easy to manage by the system administrator because it integrates with Windows network infrastructure. The 3CX telephone system offers an integrated communication solution company to increase productivity and allow your business to develop.

Let quickly ponder upon the benefits of implementing a 3CX phone system in your business-

3CX Phone System is Cost Saving:

Partnering with the 3CX Phone Provider is a great way to reduce hardware, administration, and call fees. You will have a much lower phone bill if you use a VoIP 3CX cellphone. You also get a web conference solution. It means that you don’t need to spend money on web conference services. There will be no more interoffice call fees because employees and long-distance branches will be able to use their extensions through the SIP 3CX provider wherever they are.

3CX is Easy To Upgrade:

3Cx is also fast and easy to improve; it takes 5-10 minutes in typical cases. Alternative system and instead of absorbing working hours and even more downtime.

3CX Offers Seamless Integration:

3CX is a very user-friendly system. It contains the features that accelerate the flow of telephone traffic. 

Our long-term goal is to increase our clients’ growth objectives through the seamless integration of the technology needed to support their business operations fully.

3CX Offers Scalability:

With 3Cx, you can use the existing network infrastructure without going through the hassle of rewiring. Adding or removing telephone lines is as simple as adding or deleting company email accounts without the need for downloading anything, add-ons, or hardware.

3CX offers Mobility:

3Cx includes iOS and Android applications that allow users to create and receive calls to their office numbers on their mobile. Beyond it, this mobile application equips with features such as Visual Voicemail and recording calls.

3CX offers Increased Productivity:

Your employees will increase their overall productivity by using the 3CX telephone system for their calls. We can integrate your business application such as letters, database servers, and CRM systems with 3Cx. Your employees can save time and increase efficiency with the journal and pop-up calls in various applications.

3CX offers Improved Collaboration:

As an integrated communication solution, you will enjoy an increase in collaboration in your organization. Encourage your employees to use the 3CX telephone system to collaborate as often as possible. The VoIP 3CX system includes unlimited extensions and unlimited users for easy office calls.

3Cx offers Enterprise-Grade Communication:

Softphones for Windows and Mac, iOS and Android applications, and web-based clients work smoothly together for connectivity and mobility that no one is invincible. Users can create and receive calls, see colleagues’ existence, conference schedules, participate in web meetings, call transfers, and more.

3CX Easily Integrates:

3CX integrates with popular CRM, Office365, and more. Your Team can increase productivity and save time using calls, journals, and others by working smoothly across the application. Moreover, the 3CX Click2Call extension for Chrome and Firefox allows users to call numbers from a website or CRM system.

3CX offers Security:

The 3CX telephone system supports popular SIP phones, VoIP providers, and traditional PSTN routes. Web-based management consoles make it easy to configure, eliminate the need to employ expensive telecommunications consultants. Increase VoIP security by using the inbuilt 3CXS security feature, such as the option to install on FQDN and SSL certificates provided by 3Cx to allow PBX management through internal domains or servers.


Small and medium businesses like you need the same modern and reliable telephone system as larger companies, minus of course, high costs.

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