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What are Some Amazing Tips to Play DBS Card Game?

Dragon Ball Z Card Game


Are you interested to play with dragons? Not in reality! But in the form of games! Yes! Then the DBS card game is meant for you. Such exclusive competitive trading card games are known for featuring characters of the dragon universe. It is one of the most entertaining games in current times. 

What Happens in Trading Card Games like DBS? 

In competitive trading card games like DBS, there are two players. The playersaimto do maximum damage to the opponent for emerging as a successful winner. As a player, you will be responsible for putting the decks together containing a Leader Card along with an appreciable number of battle cards. 

As a first time DBS card game player, you must be wondering about some of the best ways to win the game. Isn’t it? Relax! There is nothing too difficult that cannot be conquered. All you need is the passion to grasp the required skill so that you can easily put down your opponent.  

What are the Various Types of Cards for DBS? 

As the name, the DBS card game is inclusive of playing with a wide variety of cards. If you want to emerge as a successful player, then you must be good at managing the various types of cards. 

Some of The Most Popular Types of Cards That You Will Come Across In These Games Include The Following: 

  • Leader Cards: Leader cards are the cores of the deck are placed at the beginning. As these cards represent yourself in this innovative game, it is preferable to include one leader card per deck. 
  • Battle Cards: Battle cards are essential for battling. They are featured exclusively for representing the bulk of the deck. They are allies.  
  • Unison Cards: Unison cards are employed fighting along with the leader card in the area that represents Unison. Markers are either added or removed for unleashing skills of unison.  
  • Extra Cards: Last step is all about studying the extra cards that are meant for providing special effects for supplementing you while busy on the match.  

Once you are done with mugging up the names of cards in the DBS card game, it will become easy to identify them. While playing, you will also learn about the extra energy that is required for defeating the opponent. Both power and skills are located at the bottom portion.  

The DBS card game is divided into various areas that range from leader to deck. It is essential to become familiar with these areas as well. Doing so will help in the innovative game to beat your opposition party.  

Smart Tips for Preparing Yourself for the Battle: 

Any game is after all a battle. Hence, without preparing fully for the same; it will become very much difficult to beat your opponent. If you want to emerge as a successful DBS card game player. 

 Below are Some Smart Tips That You Must Follow: 

  • Placing of the Leader Card in the Leader Area in Active Mode in the beginning  
  • Placing of the remaining cards on the deck in face-down state 
  • Post deciding the name of the player that goes first, it is preferable to draw at least six cards 
  • You will be allowed to redraw and return any number of cards in the deck only once 
  • Finally, the turn arrives for grabbing and pacing the cards belonging to the next series 

Keeping these points in high consideration, it will become easy for you to carry on with the innovative game of DBS card game successfully. Enjoy a happy gaming!

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