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How Technology Served Us Through the Covid Pandemic


Due to the outburst of COVID-19, millions across the globe have been forced to go into lock-down since March 2020. While some are figuring out how to keep afloat, some are very overwhelmed by the experience as everything we are doing is from our homes. Luckily there are new ways every day that are making this experience a bit more manageable for us. Many people have started taking on new hobbies and discovering new interests and opportunities thanks to fast-growing technology. Here is how technology has served us through this scary and hard pandemic.

Gaming Is Becoming More Popular: 

During this pandemic, everyone is stuck at home with a lot of free time on their hands. One of the most common ways of entertainment has become games. Online games have become popular again as well as gaming all around. People have started buying consoles such as Nintendo as well as the Play-Stations and they have become harder to come across. 

Stock Market Investing:

In the last couple of months, we have noticed that the capital markets have come out as a medium of earning higher interest in the long run. Even though technology has disrupted a lot of businesses, the technology adaptations when it comes to the brooking industry have gone well during the pandemic. Many have reported that there is fast growth when it comes to the number of clients and more and more investors are deciding to taste their luck in the stock market as they are stuck in their homes with a lot of free time on their hands. 

Digital Money:

Another thing where technology services us well during this pandemic is taught digital payments and currencies. It is safe to say that they both had a key role during this pandemic. That is because digital payments are contact less so they were recommended by the governments which resulted in boosting the digital currencies.

Online Groceries:

Because everything shut down, including markets, one of the best technological advancements is in online grocery markets. Now that things are starting to open back up, people are preferred to stay indoors and use online grocery markets to shop, especially when it comes to families with babies or the elderly. As so many people are continuing to use this form of shopping, the apps have developed faster and they are better every day. The delivery fees have gone down and it has improved drastically as now you can even select a time slot for your delivery. 

Mobile Locksmith:

Another thing that people didn’t think about until the pandemic hit is the locksmiths and just how much we need them. Thanks to the technology improvements, mobile locksmith services are something that is very much needed. No matter where you are or what time it is mobile locksmiths are there to help you solve the problem. It is also very handy since a lot of people have gained the courage to do things on their own and one of the main DIY projects that often don’t go as planned is installing a new door lock.

Fitness and Health:

One of the most useful things that everybody has used at least once during their qualitative period are apps such as Nike training app, Daily burn, Cure Fit, and so on. It is very useful as we can have personal trainers so those apps come in handy so people can have their workout sessions. 

It Helps Us Stay in Touch:

As no one can go outside, hang out and come close to each other, we have resorted to hanging out via Face Time, Zoom calls, and even just texting back and forth.  Amazingly, we can see and talk to another person while drinking coffee without being even in the same country. Technology has saved us and helped us stay sane and not forget our friends during these times.

This pandemic has led to an incredible efflux of the use of technology since we have to social distance and self-isolate. People all over the work have to adjust to new ways of living as well as working and technology plays the biggest role in helping us do that. If we didn’t have technology things would be much worse and harder. 

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