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5 Pointers You Need to Consider Before Hiring A Gas Fitter


Gas fitting is one of the most essential services that almost every residential place will need, be it for repair or installation. Gas fitters are acquainted with types of gas systems for both residential and commercial properties. This is why they are the perfect choice for any kind of problem or issue related with the gas or fuel system.

But the main problem which arises at the time of selecting the right gas fitter is uncertainty. Gas fitting, if done wrong, not only puts your life in danger but also leaves a threat over the property’s safety. For this reason, you need a professional who will offer you a hundred percent assurance about his services. 

As selecting one single name from the long list is very much overwhelming, here we will talk about the top facts that should be considered during short listing the name of gas fitting professionals.

#1. License and Permits

First, you need to check the license and permits of the gas fitter. The scope of the gas fitting professional will depend on the license he has. For example, Class G gas fitters are concerned with both commercial and residential services on general terms while Class E gas fitters deal with the mobile engine gas systems. So, based on your requirement, you have to filter out the names according to the license they have. Class G, Class I, Class P, and Class E are the four main licenses issued to the gas fitting professionals by the government.

#2. On-Field Experience

Checking the on-field experience is very essential. Since gas systems are very critical, you need to hire an experienced fitter. For this reason, you need to filter out the names based on how much experience a gas fitter has in the industry. More the hands-on experience more will be the assurance and satisfaction of the work being done. Sometimes, knowing about the proper experience can become difficult. For this, you can see the reviews or the online portfolio, provided the professional has one.

#3. Market Reputation

The next thing you need to think about is the market reputation of the gas fitter. Some professionals are popular locally, which means that only a handful of persons will know about the professional. He might be quite qualified, but his market presence is not amicable, and hence, choosing such a fitter might jeopardize your safety. For this reason, you need to choose a professional who is well-known in the market and is popular amongst a greater number of communities.

#4. Gas Fitting Service Charges

Even though the service costs of a gas fitter aren’t high, it is the actual work that will increase the bills. Sometimes, the actual bill amount goes beyond what has been estimated, and it will definitely create a problem for you. That’s why knowing about the estimated gas fitting service charges will help you avoid such unnecessary financial complications. Just visit their websites and fill up the forms with all the required details and then submit. You will receive an estimated price and you can compare the same with other fitters.

#5. Areas of Services

Lastly, you need to check the services provided by the gas fitter. Not all the professionals are qualified enough to cover the entire area of gas fitting. Not only their services will depend on the license and permits they have but also it will vary according to the skills. For example, one professional might be proficient in installing the gas pipelines while another one might have skills for gas system testing and inspection. So, you need to choose the best gas fitter according to their specializations.


From the outside, choosing a gas fitter might sound easy. But if you look carefully, there are a lot of things you need to consider. That’s why we have described here the major pointers which will affect your choice.

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