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6 Jobs Where Creativity Pays


This may come as unwelcome news to most creative souls, but the statistical probability of you being able to make money out of your art is very low. There is a distribution across nature that states that only 10% of your effort will result in all of your success. This is something that is frequently explained by psychologists and is well-known throughout the psychological literature.

Why is this important to creative types?

Being able to make money out of your art and your creativity is only the tip of the iceberg. 

To be able to actually pay the bills with your creativity, you will need to know how to market yourself, set up workflows, and communicate with others who may wish to pay for your products or services. Not sure how to start with this? Ziflow has a great 10-step guide for creative workflow on their website and could provide you with helpful insight on how to set up workflows that bring success. Without it, you cannot hope to achieve what you need to. 

Why Creativity Is Important:

Creativity is absolutely critical, and especially in businesses where creativity has not usually being fostered. Bringing somebody in who can stay motivated and inspired is a great way to turn a company around that may not have focused on the marketing and creative content aspects before.

As a creative person, becoming a content creator for a business could be a good way to make money, and there are quite a few other jobs that will allow you to make money and explore your creative side at the same time. Here is a list of six jobs that really need creativity in order to make them a success.

  • Writer

One of the oldest creative jobs known to man is that of a writer. In the modern world, writers come in all forms. You may wish to become a journalist, a fiction story writer, a copywriter, or you may even go into starting your own novel. When used in the right setting, writers can make money out of their art, and the easiest way to do this is to sign up as a copywriter. 

  • Videographer and Editor

Does your creativity come out when you are shooting videos or editing videos? If you answered yes, then it may be worth it for you to look into becoming a videographer and a video editor.

Traditionally these have been two different jobs, with one person shooting video and operating the camera, while another person would be in the studio editing the resulting footage. These days, however, the role of a videographer and video editor can roll into one, and there is nothing stopping you from offering both videography and video editing services to clients.

Be warned, though, for those of you who are looking for videography and video editing jobs that will inspire your creative side, you may be disappointed to learn that most of the freelance videography and video editing jobs you will get that pay you money will be fairly dry and boring, such as shooting an interview and then editing it.

There is still quite a lot of money to be made in the video graffiti and video editing sectors, however.

  • Musician

Another creative job that requires years of training, a large dose of skill, and the raw talent to make it a success is that of a musician. There are a few different jobs you can take associated with being a musician, one of the most common being that of a music teacher or instrumental tutor.

Schools are always looking out for good music teachers and instrumental tutors, and setting yourself up as a freelance musician in this way is a good way to pay the bills. Of course, this is not the only way to pay the bills as a musician, and you may choose to go down the route of doing gigs and performances, hoping to hit the big time. In this case, the desire to hit the big time will mean you can actually be more creative than those who went for the safer option of a music teacher or music tutor.

  • Graphic Designer

Just like the role of a videographer and video editor, a graphic designer will mostly be working with companies in order to design product packaging and marketing campaigns, and this is a great way to get your creativity to pay. Just as with the other jobs mentioned, the topics that you may be creating work for may not be the most exciting topics in the world, but they are likely to help you to get your foot in the door and to create some work that you are very proud of.

Most creative people at some point in their life will need to both understand and embrace the difference between creative work that was inspired and creating work that you are just proud of.

  • Photographer

With the days of smartphone photography, it may feel like every man and his dog has become a professional photographer, but that little phrase of all the gear no idea really does come to mind at this point.

If you are hoping to make money out of your photography, you will more than likely be a freelancer who is contracting your business out to other small and medium-sized businesses, or you could be a school photographer taking photos of classes and assemblies when required.

These pursuits aren’t particularly creative, but they will pay the bills, and they will help you to do something that you love every day. If you want to explore the creativity behind your photography, then starting a YouTube channel about your photography is not a bad idea, but be warned this takes a very long time in order to begin to make you money.

  • Make-up Artist

The very last job on our list is that of a make-up artist. You may find that as a professional bridal make-up artist is actually your biggest seller, but you can change this up a bit by getting involved with theater productions as you get more and more experience. 

This is a great way to keep your creativity up as a make-up artist and to not always be surrounded by ladies who are getting married!

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