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AT&T Dedicated Fiber Internet Connection & Plans Overview


Tellakos | Dedicated Fiber from At&t is a very expensive alternative. If you need faster speeds and cannot lay fiber-optic lines through At&t, Sudden-link, or Spectrum to your home. You can opt for ”dedicated fiber” or “dedicated internet”. Though it’s more expensive than you think, it is completely an exclusive internet connection with symmetrical upload and download speeds. At&t says about the high cost of this service which provides extra-ordinary dedicated business service versus residential fiber connection. Residential connection limitations will annoy you because of up-down speeds. 

Sharing a residential connection across your family members or neighborhood means the speed will be dependent on other people, using the internet at the same time. Connection will slow down when everyone is at home especially on weekends or in leisure time. All the bandwidth you pay for at&t dedicated fiber line is only for you to use.

That means if you pay for a 100Mbps connection, you will get the full speed of 100Mbps line for both upload and download. Dedicated line is an appealing offer if you are busy with regular video conferences or all family members wants to connect to the internet at the same time, you should select it. Here’s a dedicated package cost outlined by At&t business internet.

10Mbps – only for $550 per location/per month

20Mbps – only for $575  per location/per month

50Mbps – only for $798 ($8̶8̶7̶ 10% off) per location/per month

100Mbps – only for $1076 ($1̶1̶9̶5̶  10% off) per location/per month

250Mbps – only for $1401 ($1̶7̶5̶1̶  20% off) per location/per month

500Mbps – only for $2195 ($ ̶2̶7̶4̶4̶  20% off) per location/per month

1Gbps – only for $2749 ($  ̶3̶4̶3̶6̶  20% off) per location/per month

Apart from these packages, at&t provides extreme level packages that speed up to 1Tbps, 99.95% service up-time, 24×7 monitoring, and technical support they provide for users. 

Yikes, you are already amazed to see super expensive prices. It is a little bit pricey than residential service. For a dedicated connection, you have to sign their contract for 2 years.

At&t Dedicated Internet Terms: At&t provides a managed router that is leased to customers on a contract basis. At&t will assist you with effective service activation over the phone or On-site. On-site installation applies to selected locations. A one-time fee of $99.00 will be charged for remote installation.

Difference Between AT&T Dedicated and High-Speed Internet:

Purchasing at&t business dedicated line provides the highest proclaimed uptime and speed. A residential connection of At&t serves variable speed because of traffic loads on the same connection locally. AT&T Dedicated Fiber Internet is supported by the service level agreements. It protects the speed levels and up-time. Both are superior to the features provided in shared services or consumer plans. But, AT&T dedicated Internet also provides 24-hour support, and can even solve some technical problems before users realize the problem. If a problem occurs, customers can access technical support to quickly resolve the problem.

Other benefits of At&t dedicated internet:

Undoubtedly, Dedicated Internet Service is ideal for any business because it provides a large number of data sets as well as more secure than shared or residential connections. This connection allows private information transfer between multiple business offices, cloud applications, and remote backup locations, helping to protect organizations from advanced cyber attacks. 

Dedicated Internet can choose to maintain a static IP, which is a requirement of organizations that need to host infrastructure (such as web, application, file, or email servers) on site. You can also set the priority of mission-critical data (for example, file transfers between offices) to be higher than other lower-level traffic (for example, web browsing). 

Mission-critical systems are not affected by the increased traffic load of other applications. The dedicated Internet connection will also give the company’s IT team more time to focus on supporting business projects instead of daily network management. Most important thing is speeds up to 10Gbps that serve uninterrupted download and web browsing, dependable file transfers, almost seamless backups, clear voice, and video connections.  

Almost every organization relies on large file transfer, they also have a high dependency on web apps. For this reason, you should consider AT&T Dedicated Internet’s up-time and performance.

Bottom line:

AT&T Dedicated Internet is the best solution ever that offers symmetric access, guaranteed supply, and 24/7 technical support. Experience the best quality and performance to do business with confidence over the Internet.

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