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How to Keep Your Kitchen in Great Shape

Kitchen Great Shape How?


Tellakos | Some parts of our homes see a lot more traffic than others. For instance, you might get away with an occasional cleaning session in your bedroom, but there is no doubt that the kitchen needs constant attention, lest it should become a complete mess. Considering just how much time we spend in this space, allowing it to become less than spotless is not only impractical and unhygienic, but it will also ruin our mood every time we step in. Sorting out your kitchen once and for all and making sure it’s clean and organized will not only make your cooking sessions more seamless but your overall experience much more pleasant, too. Who doesn’t like to show off a stylish and beautiful kitchen? Here is what you need to do in order to keep this space in great shape.

Start with decluttering:

The first step when sorting out any room is always dealing with clutter. Clutter is an absolute nuisance in interior design. You cannot expect your space to look neat and polished if all surfaces are filled to the brim with various items, but clutter is even more annoying in kitchens than in other rooms. Clutter on your counter not only prevents you from being able to use the space to the maximum, but it also makes cleaning much more difficult. As a result, you might not bother to clean thoroughly, resulting in dirt in hard-to-reach places. Clutter in cabinets and drawers makes it extremely difficult to find what you’re looking for, too, making cooking frustrating. So, start by removing everything from your shelves, counters, and cabinets and sorting out what you actually need and what needs to go. Many of us are guilty of hoarding gadgets and appliances that we then forget we even have; don’t let these take up precious space in your kitchen.

Rethink your floors:

Your best efforts at keeping your kitchen spotless may run into an obstacle if the space was simply not designed with ease of maintenance in mind. The kitchen is one of those spaces that can see a lot of spills, so the flooring needs to take this into consideration. If your current floors are not satisfactory, perhaps you should consider a renovation project and install a more appropriate floor. If you have carpet or laminate, consider getting rid of it and going for luxury vinyl planks instead. They are waterproof, easy to clean, and very durable, so your floors will look great for a long time. Hardwood is also an option, but you might want to think twice if you’re concerned about water damage. 

Maximize storage:

Whether your kitchen is big or small, one thing is universally true: it could probably do with more storage. Storage is the holy grail of frequently used rooms such as kitchens, so it never hurts squeezing in as much as you possibly can. Added storage will allow you to store your things in a more organized way and keep fewer items out on your counters – we have already mentioned why this is important. So, look around and determine whether your kitchen has some underutilized space. Making use of your walls is a fantastic idea, for instance. Hanging some more open shelves will not suffocate your space or make it feel smaller, but it will allow you to store frequently used items in easily accessible spots. Hanging up a spice rack or getting a few hooks for your kitchen utensils will all save you counter space and can even look stylish.

Add organizers:

Your drawers and cabinets may not feel practical even after decluttering. Thankfully, you can easily solve this issue and make sure you are using their full capacity. Look into various organizers and you’ll be able to find anything you need without having to dig through drawers or stretch to reach the back of cabinets. Simply place organizer trays in your drawers and say goodbye to messy cutlery. Add wire shelves to your cabinets and customize them to your needs. Introduce a Lazy Susan to awkward spots such as under the sink and store all your cleaning supplies neatly. Maximize your corner cabinets with the help of “magic corners” and other practical solutions. You can even hang wire racks to the doors of your cabinets if there is enough space. You can get very creative on this front.

Assess your fridge and pantry:

Just like it’s recommended that you declutter your counters and cabinets, you should spare your fridge and pantry a look as well. Sometimes, we are too lazy to go through them so we end up storing things that are way past their expiration dates. Needless to say, these only take up space and make your pantry cluttered. When reorganizing your pantry, you can make it look more appealing by getting uniform mason jars for storage. You can also consider introducing a pull-out pantry that allows you to store more. As for your fridge, needless to say, you should empty it and give it a thorough cleaning above all. Throw away any food that’s gone bad and make sure you have an organizational system for this area of your kitchen as well.

Maintain your appliances:

You probably use your kitchen appliances on a daily basis. If you want them to serve you for a long time, paying ample attention to their maintenance is paramount. First of all, make sure you keep them clean. For instance, you might not think that your dishwasher needs cleaning, but the fact of the matter is that residue can accumulate and breed bacteria. Additionally, a dirty stove is an eyesore in a stylish kitchen. Besides your stovetop, don’t forget to clean the inside of your oven as well. Remember that your range hood can accumulate grease over time, too. In case an appliance isn’t working efficiently, it’s worth getting it checked. For instance, if your oven doesn’t seem to produce the same results as before, look up oven repairs. If an appliance is beyond salvation and all it does is waste energy, considering replacing it with an Energy Star-rated counterpart would benefit you in the long term.

Clean promptly:

We have already mentioned that you should give your kitchen a thorough cleaning, but the story does not end there. In fact, to keep your kitchen in the best shape, cleaning should be an ongoing activity. Cleaning every day is not only a good habit to develop, but it’s what’s going to save you a lot of elbow grease over time. If you happen to spill something, wipe it immediately and you won’t have to scrub your counter, trying to get it off once it has dried. After using your stove, remove any grease and don’t wait for it to harden. Wash your dishes right after your meal, and put away the tools you used for cooking. This way, your kitchen will always look neat, no matter when someone happens to enter.

Improve the lighting:

Besides cleaning and organizing the space, there are other things you can do for your kitchen to look better. One of these is improving the current lighting. Making sure that the lighting is top-notch in this space is not only essential from a practical point of view – how are you going to cook if you can’t even see properly what you’re doing? – but it’s also a question of aesthetics. A brightly lit room always looks better. It looks more spacious and it’s more pleasant to spend time in. If your kitchen only has an overhead light, it’s time to remedy this and take your space to the next level. Task lights above your counter will make cooking a breeze while installing LEDs inside your cabinets will allow you to find what you’re looking for in the blink of an eye. These upgrades do not cost a lot but they certainly mean a lot.

Add some decoration:

Finally, it’s time to add the last wow factor by decorating the room moderately. You don’t have to think about anything excessive to boost the look of your kitchen – after all, you want to avoid clutter at all costs. However, as little as one or two potted plants can make all the difference and turn your picture-perfect kitchen into a truly homely one. Pick from plants that thrive in kitchens or adorn your windows with potted herbs that will even come in handy while cooking. You’ll love the new look of the space.

There is no denying that keeping a kitchen clean and orderly is a lot of work. However, once you get down to it and do the most time-consuming part, it will be much easier to keep your kitchen in great shape on a day-to-day basis. Good storage solutions play a large role in allowing you to store all your necessities in an organized way, but your own habits also contribute. So, make sure you take those 5 seconds to wipe down the counter instead of leaving stains to dry and put everything back to its place when you’re not using it. A lovely kitchen will make it a joy to spend time in it so it’s worth the effort!

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