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10 Things to Consider Before Installing a Swimming Pool

Installing a Swimming Pool


Tellakos | Installing a swimming pool is an ambitious project. It will cost quite a bit and require you to hire a skilled team. In return, it will give you a healthy source of cardio, provide you with an increase in resale value and give your home a new look. Here are 10 things you should consider before starting this project.

1. Choose the type of pool that you want:

The first thing you need to do is pick the right pool type for your backyard. This choice should be made based on two things:

  • The size of the available area
  • The function of the pool

The classification also depends on the material. A concrete pool, a vinyl pool and a fiberglass pool are not one and the same thing. A shipping container pool is another option that more and more people are choosing to go for. Overall, this will have a massive impact on your budget.

2. Estimate a budget:

The next thing you need to do is make an estimate of your pool budget. Here, you need to focus on three massive factors:

  • Upfront costs
  • Pool maintenance
  • Budget limits

Keep in mind that upfront costs consist of both installation costs and materials. If you’re entrusting this task to professional project management and construction experts, you may get the figure all at once. Maintenance is a long-term expense, while the budget limit may be useful for the flexibility of the project.

3. Circulation system:

In order to keep the water in your backyard fresh, you need to have a filter and a circulation system. This will also help get the debris out of your pool and make the maintenance a lot easier. It’s important to mention that this is also incredibly important for the health of all the pool’s users.

In other words, you need to invest in the right pump. Here, you should use two factors as the primary criteria:

  • Quality of the pump
  • Adequate size for the pool

Apart from this, it’s also important that you use it at least every 8 hours, as well as that you clean the pump regularly.

4. The maintenance:

We’ve already talked about maintenance but this is a topic that deserves its own section. First of all, the size of the pool will determine the total effort surrounding its maintenance. It will also create a scenario where the cost of a pool cleaner will be higher or lower. If you decide to handle the maintenance on your own, it will determine the amount of work that you have. Needless to say, long and arduous tasks also affect your motivation.

5. Other features:

When building a pool, you’re not just building a pool. You may also need to erect a safety fence and you’ll definitely have to install some lights. There are lights that will go around the pool, as well as those that go into the pool. Most important of all, a lot of people arrange a seating area or a deck. Plan with this in mind, both budget and space-wise.

6. Landscaping:

When it comes to the surroundings of your pool, landscaping will play a huge part in two major aspects. First of all, we’ve mentioned the issue of debris several times now. The majority of this debris are falling from surrounding shrubbery. Branch chips, pollen, insects inhabiting nearby trees and leaves will be a major problem. So, some preventive pruning might be in order. The roots of the nearby tree can also cause a problem with the concrete or the structure of the pool. Not to mention the aesthetics of the area.

7. The cost of water:

A small swimming pool (15-feet wide, round with a depth of 6 feet) would have 5,310 gallons of water. Keep in mind that the majority of pools are much larger than this and that all that you add to the radius increases the amount of water disproportionally. You can check this out with a pool calculator. This can be problematic from two perspectives. First of all, the cost of water is far from significant. Second, if you’re not investing in a good circulatory system (and therefore need to change the water more often), this can also be an ecological problem.

8. Home resale value:

Now, one thing worth mentioning is that the installation of a pool will drastically increase the resale value of your home. Not only that but it will also raise it into a completely different category and make it seem like a villa to potential buyers. In other words, it also helps you save money. Just think about the ROI instead of just a resale increase.

9. Safety features:

Other than being incredible for your health and relaxation, a pool can also be a safety hazard. There are several ways to fix this problem. For instance, you could install a threshold alarm. Surface wave sensors (that you can turn on or off) can also be helpful. So, while equipping your house with high-tech security, make sure to consider some of these features, as well. 

10. Will I stay here forever?

Building a pool is a massive endeavor, which is why you need to ask one important question – will I stay in this home forever. If the answer is anything but a resounding: “Yes!” you might want to postpone or outright cancel this project. This is something you do only in your permanent residence.

In conclusion:

In the end, having a swimming pool on your property will give it a hint of luxury. This is both a quality of life and a resale value upgrade, which is why it’s probably worth your while. Just make sure that you can afford it and that you plan everything in advance.

Author Bio:

Gabriel Hill is an Australian blogger and writer interested in various spheres from home improvement to environment and health. 

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