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How to Motivate Your Employees After the Pandemic


Tellakos | Pandemics and the necessity to switch the business from offices into homes changed the vision of workplaces crucially. Now, when we all have to go back to the offices, the motivation of employees started to be one of the main topics in all business circles. For that reason, we decided to present you with some of the effective solutions on how to nurture high motivation of your employees and keep them happy and satisfied in their working place. 

Researches Show People Feel More Motivated When Work in the Office:

According to the latest researches run during the break of coronavirus, the motivation of employees who switch to work remotely dropped by 17%. Without a real connection to their companies, direct approach to the managers, and feeling that the working day is about to start, employees all around the globe faced with an unknown situation that made them feel disconnected from the working area and caused a lot of emotional and economic pressure. According to the mentioned survey, other reasons why employees have felt demotivated are:

  • They missed the feeling of problem-solving with their colleagues when making final decisions is simpler, 
  • Many people simply felt harder to finish the work at home, 
  • Many employees felt it hard to spot the purpose of their work and impact on the company’s results overall, 
  • Some employees find it very difficult to see the rising potential of their personal development and career advancement since they were disconnected from their mentors and senior colleagues who were training them. 

All these reasons combined caused the motivation and productivity to decrease, which will be the very first problem to solve once all employees get back into the offices. 

Why Is Employees High-Motivation so Important for Business Success? 

Since motivation is directly connected with the productivity of your staff, it becomes crystal clear why you would like to have highly motivated employees in your company. And the best way to keep your staff highly motivated is to make them happy. As the researchers from Warwick University found, being happy at the workplace made people productive by 12% more. And having such motivated and productive employees will help you cut your costs, reduce employee turnover, and help you take your business to the desired level more quickly. For that reason, providing all conditions, your employees feel happy and satisfied at their workplace is of tremendous importance. Here is what you can do to reach this goal. 

Make Your Office a Comfortable and Cozy Place:

If your working area was a plain, classic office space containing desks and necessary equipment only, it is the right moment to redesign your interior and make it an alluring space. The point is you want your office to look like a welcoming place both for your customers and employees, so here is what you can to make it ready for a magazine photoshoot. 

Create Breakout and Leisure Areas to Encourage Informal Communication and Creativity:

Having leisure areas intended for breakouts and chit chats with colleagues could tremendously improve the relations between the employees, as well as productivity and motivation to cooperate with others. Placing cozy sofas, lazy bags – if you want to make it more of more impromptu style, Picado, billiards, or anything else that could relax your employees and reduce the stress, will be a very effective way to show them you care about their welfare. 

Make Sure that Hygiene Standards Are at the Highest Possible Level, So Everybody Feel Safe:

One of the greatest concerns of all employees, when we come to the topic of getting back to the office, is about hygiene standards, since there are many common areas all of them will have to use. The most critical point is the bathroom, of course, so before you call them to get back to the office, make sure to consider all the improvements, so everyone feels safe. Installing a few more sinks, bidets, paper towels, touchless soap dispensers, and more frequent cleaning of those areas will make all people safer when it comes to hygiene standards. Also, make sure to provide all of them with enough disinfectants such as alcohol or handwashing gels. Another great solution to keeping the hygiene and safety standards at a high level is reorganizing your office space by moving the desks to a greater distance and providing more personal space to all of your employees. Knowing that the company cares about their safety and health will be good motivation to get back to the office. 

Motivation Is the Key to High Performance, Make Sure to Attain It With Your Employees:

Although pandemics were everything but beneficial for our businesses, personal lives, and mental health, they showed that the power of community, networking, and motivation is still the leading wave in attaining success in business circles. Explore all the ways of keeping your employees highly motivated, reward their hard work, and the good results will come your way. 

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