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Expert Tips On Successful Email Management

Email Management


Tellakos | One of the most powerful business tools available to commercial enterprises is email. This holds true regardless of business scale – from the smallest owner-operator shop to the largest international corporate conglomerate, email is typically the lifeblood of all businesses. As simple as it sounds, having an awareness of this key fact can mean the difference between an average business and a standout market success story. Here are a few simple tips from the professionals to assist the business manager in capitalizing on that vital business tool.

Branding your business email:

Branding a business – that is, presenting a defined image of the business to prospective clients and customers – forms a large part of the marketing of any commercial concern. Logos, company mottos and insignia, uniforms, signage, and advertising material all form part of the branding process. This all serves to convey an image or an impression to people dealing with the business.

Given the fact that an email will very likely be the first point of contact that many people will have with the business, this defined branding becomes vitally important to ensure that the best impression is delivered with that very first email. A platform such as Office 365 email signature management will permit control and standardization of branding across all company emails, regardless of the scale or complexity of the business.

Email management and presentation:

Professional email presentation is inexpensive and readily achievable, and yet it is perhaps one of the most underestimated and undervalued marketing and business positioning tools available to every commercial operator.

Email has become the primary method of business communication in modern times. Surprisingly, it is also one of the most mismanaged, and re-focusing effort on ‘lifting the game’ with email management is a secret to success.

In 2020, over 300 billion email messages were sent and received every single day. One of the most important takeaways from this is that an email message, as well as providing a means of communicating with another party, must really be thought of as an opportunity to make a business stand out from competitors.

Branding provides a strong ‘template’ to convey an idea of the business ethic. The wording and content of emails should support this. Regardless of tone or style, ensure there is consistency and professionalism with good spelling and grammar. These days, there is no excuse for errors with Spell Check available to assist!

Answer emails promptly:

Remember that, unlike a face-to-face situation, customers making email inquiries cannot see you, so prompt responses to their emails becomes vital. If some time is required to resolve an inquiry, a simple and prompt email acknowledgment advising that somebody is working on the inquiry is of key importance. Remember that people are happy once they have been acknowledged. A non-response or a delayed response often spells the difference between a new client and a lost opportunity.

Keep responses to the same thread:

Whether the business flow involves ten or ten thousand emails a day, ensure any ongoing responses to an incoming email are made on the same thread. Try to avoid opening a new email when dealing with the one issue, as this can become confusing to the business operator and customer alike.

An email thread ensures that all responses can be easily reviewed by all parties and becomes especially important if the issue is a complex or an ongoing one.

Recognize the importance of email:

Email is often seen as an annoyance and a chore to many. Spend some time reviewing company procedures with regard to email management. A relatively inexpensive business procedure can reap huge rewards in revenue and business success.

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